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Sleepwell Beds

We sell a range of beds which you may feel free to try with no obligation in

our bed showroom in Bury. We have noticed over the past year or two that

people are looking for a better quality bed traditional bed. They do not want

a cheap as chips bed made by unskilled people in a sweatshop, nor do they

want to pay ridiculous  money for some marketing mans dream of a bed. To

address that need we have chosen to showcase Sleepwell beds on this page.

Who is Sleepwell you may ask? They are a family firm from Yorkshire, owned

and managed by David Kelly and his two sons Adam and Richard. Think in

terms of a Geoffery Boycott no nonsense Yorshireman and you will not be

far of the mark. David makes beds in the traditional manner of using good

materials and good craftsmen, and if that means they are a copper or two

more, so be it. So if your looking for the cheapest bed you can buy, these

are not for you, however if your looking for a great value well made product

please read on.


Burgess Beds

Burgess have been making beds  at a factory in Ancoats for since 1927, in

fact when some of our customers have had occasion to visit the factory they

all seem to have the same impression of it which is "Dickensian", but said as

a compliment but now they have moved to a brand new factory in Rossendale.

This is because Burgess are a company with  Old fashioned values regarding

service and quality they do take on board the benefits of modern technology

and Burgess recognize if their craftsmen are working in a good environment                                    

they will be able to produce a superior product, and if you are one of the people

who says they don't make things like they used to do, you should take a look

at some of Burgess's superb Beds. We have constant proof of the Quality of

Burgess beds in that it is not unusual for us to remove a Burgees bed from a

house which is 30+ years old and replace it with exactly the same model and 

sometimes in the same cover. Now we are not suggesting that you keep your

 bed for 30 years but that is the sort of build quality that goes into a Burgess bed.

           Hand side stitching which is the very best method of securing the fillings

and springs and side of the mattress together whilst at the same time giving far

superior support and resilience to the edge of the mattress is widely used in the

Burgess range and  the only true way of doing this is by hand, but many beds

you will see now a days have mock side stitching because it is much cheaper

"and they wont be able to tell the difference", but if someone suggested this at

Burgess beds they would probably be taken outside and shot. So that is just one

of the many things that makes a Burgess bed one of the finest available today,

below is a description of the Highgrove which is the very pinnacle of the Burgess

range and therefore one of the best beds available in Britain today. If that is the

sort of quality you require why not contact us by Email to arrange an appointment

to see this range of superior beds at the Rossendale  showroom (if you arrive without a

n appointment you could be turned away if the showroom is fully booked). 


Logo of the Burgess Bed Company

Restus Beds

Restus provides an affordable solution to most bed requirements and we are proud to 

stock them.

Restus has done a lot over the past hundred years to promote real comfort in beds.Restus 

now applies modern technology in Europe’s very latest manufacturing plant to bed making, 

while retaining the old skills of handmade wooden frames, superb quality damask covers 

and taking the extra care that you would expect from one of Britain’s oldest bed manufacturers.

The range, from memory foam to pocket sprung and teen beds provides quality at an affordable price.

So, wherever you live, in a city apartment or a country cottage, a Restus Bed is an elegant addition

 to your home while providing you with the most comfortable sleep system – ever

Logo of the restus bed company


La Romantica Beds

have been established since 2005, and combine a passion for quality with years of experience in the

bedding trade, which has allowed them to continually improve their range to offer you

lovingly, hand built by craftsmen beds to suit the individual’s needs through Comfort, Quality and Durability


Dura Beds

Dura Beds pride themselves as a forward thinking, innovative UK based bed manufacturer who design and build

stylish and luxurious beds at competitive prices. Dura Beds philosophy is to ensure that you wake up and feel the

difference after a great night's sleep on a DuraBeds divan or mattress, with the reassurrance with the reassurrance

that you have an excellent product with top notch customer service.


Harrison Beds

HARRISON BEDS Harrison Bedding Limited, Westland Road, Leeds have 

been making superb quality beds for nearly a 100 years, the owners are the 

Spinks family and we have been dealing with them since Simon the present 

managing directors, grandfathers day. Harrisons are an innovative company 

developing new Spring systems, and currently having great success with the

 Revolution Pocket spring system and the Tru Edge base support system.



Repose Beds

The Repose Beds portfolio, which forms part of The Vogue Beds Group,

 was specifically developed to provide attractive and comfortable sleeping 

solutions at affordable prices. Offering high style at low prices, the Repose 

range offers a truly comprehensive product selection. With ten distinctive 

and diverse models, including inventive guest bed solutions, there’s an option 

for everyone. Repose’s unique and pioneering Flexirole mattress, which is 

springless and vacuum-packed for complete convenience, is the flagship 

among an appealing and practical mattress selection.


Vogue Beds

After twenty years in the business, Vogue Beds knows what it takes to 

create the perfect night’s sleep.

Boasting design and technical expertise in the bed industry, Vogue offers 

an extensive range of products which combine the best in comfort, durability

 and quality to suit your needs and requirements. Providing one of the most 

innovative ranges in the UK today, the comprehensive collection demonstrates 

the latest luxuries. Displaying intricate quilted designs on lavish fabrics, 

Vogue offers visual splendour in abundance. With the uniquely-pioneered 

Posturised Pocket System which offers superior weight distribution and 

posture, and the relaxing properties of memory foam, Vogue provides 

sublime comfort and quality assured products. So lie back, relax and 

look forward to sweet dreams with Vogue